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Nighttime Allergy Relief

Compare to Benadryl® | Diphenhydramine HCI, 25mg

Get a great night’s sleep with your allergy symptoms under control. Relieves symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies, like sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, and itching of the nose or throat.


Also alleviates symptoms like runny nose and sneezing, due to the common cold.


*Diphenhydramine is the #1 Recommended Adult Allergic Reaction OTC Active Ingredient.

  • Nighttime Allergy Relief
  • Multi-Symptom Relief
  • #1 Doctor Recommended for Allergic Reactions*
Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee



Buy One, Give One

Buy One, Give One

Wake Up Feeling Rested this Allergy Season.

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Buy the Allergy Relief Essentials bundle and save 15%!

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Nighttime Allergy Relief

These were good They didn't Help sleep but they did help with my Allergy relief.

Jeanette S.
United States United States
Feel good Experience

Easy buying experience, effective product and attractive packaging. Especially nice knowing that your purchase can help others with Betr Remedies give back program. Thumbs up to this company.

Sharon O.
United States United States
Spring has Sprung!

I can always tell when warmer weather is upon us by the way my sniffles and watery eyes increase. This past weekend was the start of them! I used Betr Nighttime Allergy Relief before bed and I was able to sleep comfortably without reaching for the Kleenex or elevating my head! I’ll definitely be able to manage allergy season BETR NOW :) :)

Amanda A.
United States United States

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