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Shop over-the-counter (OTC) remedies expertly curated to alleviate your symptoms and make you feel Betr. Every purchase provides access to medication to someone in need.

Our Story

Pharmacy shelves are cluttered with hundreds of over-the-counter products, all promising the same thing, and we all need medicines from time to time to feel our best. Getting the right medication shouldn't be complicated. That’s why we started Betr. We think it should be easier, for everyone.

We’re offering a simpler, more convenient way to shop for FDA-approved, over-the-counter medications. Our products have been selected to remedy your most common ailments, so you can easily manage your symptoms.

Our Expertise

We care about delivering the highest quality, most effective products on the market. We stand behind our products every step of the way - from the selection of high quality ingredients, the highest manufacturing standards, and the best experience for our customers.

Betr Transparency Tool

We believe you should have access to the same information about your medicine as we do. On your package, you’ll find the expiration date, all ingredients, and all the safety information you need. Want to know more? Check out the Betr Transparency Tool.

Simply enter the 7 character alphanumeric code printed on the package of your product to see when it was packaged and its quality test results.

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