Medicine on a Mission

Because 1-in-4 Americans can’t afford or access the medicine they need, we created a better way. A way that makes sure every purchase takes a stand and gives back to people in need.

Our Story

We believe that everyone should have the healthcare they need. But even in America, 1 in 4 people can’t access life-saving medication–and it’s not for lack of supply.

Every year, $10 billion of usable medicine ends up destroyed, dumped, or flushed. That’s perfectly good medicine going to waste, harming our planet, and putting lives at unnecessary risk.

The industry calls it ”surplus,” but we call it a problem worth solving.

Our Commitment

That’s why we’re creating a community of citizens taking a stand against medication inequity and helping those in need. That’s why every Betr product you buy provides another person with access to the medication they need, but can’t afford.

The benefits don't end there. With each donation, “surplus” medication is kept out of landfills and waterways and is, instead, put into the hands of those who need it most.

Betr for you. Betr for the environment. Betr for everybody.

Betr Transparency Tool

We believe you should have access to the same information about your medicine as we do. On your package, you’ll find the expiration date, all ingredients, and all the safety information you need. Want to know more? Check out the Betr Transparency Tool.

Simply enter the 7 character alphanumeric code printed on the package of your product to see when it was packaged and its quality test results.

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