We’re on a mission to put all those sneezes, sniffles, sleepless nights, headaches, and toots to some good.

1:4 people can’t afford the life-saving medications that their doctors prescribe. We learned that expensive medications often expire on shelves and end up in landfills before they can get to the people who need them. We work with a partner who gathers up those meds before they go bad and distributes them to people in need who cannot afford them.

If the technology exists, but the people who need it can’t get it, what’s the point?

We knew something had to be done, in a big way.

We started BETR Remedies to help fund this process, and are on a mission to re-build a broken medical system.

For every box of high-quality over the counter drugs we sell, we cover the cost of one month of prescription medications to someone who would otherwise have to go without.

One box sold, covers the cost of one month of RX meds, and changes one life for the BETR.

Same Relief. BETR Mission.

Our Founders

What happens when three different points of view, essential skillsets, and big hearts come together?

One founding team determined to realize the BETR Mission.

Livio Bisterzo, Co-Founder & CEO

The Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur driven to make a difference through business, Livio disrupts the status quo by giving consumers more fair, equitable, and sustainable choices to address the most pressing needs of their communities.

Ellen Pompeo, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer

The Equity Champion

As an actress, producer, and equity champion, Ellen Pompeo has seen and heard endless stories from the medical field. She is motivated to champion those stories and the people who’ve lived them until better conditions, equity, and access is realized.

Jennifer Hoffman, Co-Founder & President

The Pharmaceutical Industry Veteran

A chemical engineer-turned pharmaceutical executive turned medical equity activist, Jen believes healthcare is a right and is driven to make sure no one has to choose between food for their family and life-saving medications.