Our Mission

1 in 4

People can’t afford the medication they need.

$10 Billion

Yet billions worth of medication is destroyed or sent to landfills each year before getting into the hands of those who need them.

Scientists and engineers make medications to help people, and we’re on a mission to ensure those life saving technologies get to do their job.

By the year 2026, our goal is to facilitate the donation of 20 million prescriptions, covering almost $1 billion in prescription costs for people that otherwise wouldn’t get the help they need.

When we face challenges together, things get BETR.
We created The Togethr Project to help fix a broken American medical system and rebuild the inequities that people face when seeking medical support and treatment.

What is a charitable pharmacy?

They’re pharmacies dedicated to community care, sourcing medicine and providing healthcare for neighbors who otherwise can’t afford help.

That includes those stuggling from systemic poverty, undocumented immigrants, and people covered by Medicare who still can’t afford the high copays of drugs like insulin, inhalers, and cardiovascular medications. They operate without federal or state funding, and are entirely reliant on donations, volunteers, interns, and community support. Beyond being pharmacies with no cash registers, they are true patient advocates that offer medical counseling, food supplies, insecurity screenings, and cooking lessons to further empower people on their health journeys. For every box of BETR Remedies sold, we donate funds to a charitable pharmacy who then cover the cost of someone’s medications for one month. We’re dedicated to their work and the people they help.